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In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Forewarning, this is going to be way more than three because no, I refuse to pick just three. Sorted by fandom, assume canon-typical violence and language (I will expand if you're not sure and it's a sticking point).

Sengoku Basara

-マサト on pixiv - mostly Kojuro and Masamune (much of it shippy), though plenty of cameos. The art style is fantastic, there's a great range of subject matter from cute and silly to sexy to hearbreaking. And there's no caving to the tropes and cliches common to BL, particularly in Japan - both dudes are just as masculine as they are in canon, and the older, buffer one is just as submissive as in canon. There's some slightly racey sketches in the mix, though nothing explicit.

-Lead A Horse To Water by Mithrigil - this is a 'next gen' fic which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the characterization is fantastic for both OCs and canon characters, and the plot fits in fantastically as a continuation of canon, which is not an easy skill to master. The life of one Katakura Shigenaga, in line to become the second Katakura Kojuro, and the relationships between the Katakura and Date clans. Includes the line "Don’t bottle it up until you do something stupid and I have to punch the Katakura out of you again." from Masamune which is so perfect. Some explicit sex, and focuses on a wakashudo relationship (institutional pederasty in the Japanese warrior classes), though it is consenting.

-The Plague Returned in Winter by Mithrigil - Did you want teenaged Kojuro being fiercely protective of kid Masamune? Drawing on actual history in the process? HERE YOU GO. Attempted filicide, but no other warnings.

-Cutting Loose by Letterblade - pure Masamune/Kojuro PWP, extremely hot. Rough sex with some BDSM.

-The Baths of All The Western Stars by biichama and roachpatrol - A fantastic Helmsman!Sollux fic. As that suggests, body horror and dubious consent within.

-Our Lives on Holiday by ashkatom - A non-SGRUB revolution fic that's actually complete and incidentally AMAZING. Major character death and I will emphasize the 'canon-typical violence' part here, because revolutions are messy things.

-Wreckstuck by faithbegetsfaith - Delicious Alternia history and worldbuilding. All OCs, which makes it accessible to those not in fandom, and you will care way too much about these OCs. Major character death, non-con (but not a major feature), again with the canon-typical violence.

-The Vienna Game by paraTactician - I think half of HS fandom has read it already, but if you haven't - cyberpunk AU troll fic, with a ton of references and shout-outs to various classic cyberpunk works.

-After Us by toastyhat/emptyfeet - a fantastic Ancestor-centric fan animation.

-Firebirds by antiochene - An Avengers Vs. X-Men AU where people are actually in character and the plot makes more sense. Lots of action and story tension, as well as FEELINGS. Major character death, this will almost certainly make you cry. I'm not sorry.

-Rex Racer on the Final Turn by GrayJay - Alex and Scott Summers, and their relationship with each other. Parallels some early X-Men chronology leading up to Alex's introduction though knowing that material is more of a bonus than anything else. Truly fantastic exploration of two characters who frequently get the shaft both in canon and fandom. If you don't like Scott Summers but aren't sure why beyond 'he's uptight and boring', please read this and maybe reconsider?

-Learning Curve - Rictor and Shatterstar, exploring humanity and the bounds of their relationship.

Star Trek AOS - Graduate Vulcan For Fun and Profit by lazulisong - An exploration of James Kirk and his history through language-learning.

Coldfire Trilogy - Before the Face of the Sun by torch - an alternate ending that in my heart is the true one. One of my all-time favorite things to come out of Yuletide!

Pacific Rim - First A Darling, Then A Marvel by isozyme - post-movie, scientists-centric. Newt has a Bad Idea.

FF7 - The Things You Never Know About People by joudama - Turks-centric, particularly Reno, with some backstory and lovely Wutai-related worldbuilding. I didn't originally bookmark this and then totally failed to find it again, so for a long time I wasn't 100% sure I hadn't just dreamed it up.

FF7 - No Resistance by acidragdoll - Shinra-centric AMV set to 'Handlebars' by Flobots

Getbackers - Ivory Bridges by Branch - All the Fuuga relationships. ALL OF THEM.

No. 6 - The Future by ShironoOkami - A lovely post-script/epilogue to the series.

multi - Rock What You've Got by HananoJudgeHolden - Multi-series AMV to 'So Beautiful' by Superchick, celebrating positivity and girl power.


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