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Tuesday, 20 December 2016 22:13
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This is mostly a post to have a stable, public location to link things to and get feedback, because my plurk is friends-only and plurk is not a particularly robust platform for discussions and updates over a long period of time.

This is my update of an older plurk auto-mute script, Plurk Helper by Skyer. It's the most recently-updated one I could find, appearing to have last been touched in 2012. The source for the update is here on a GitHub gist (though you do not need a github account to view it!). For the moment, you'll have to manually install it by opening Greasemonkey, creating a new userscript (you have to supply a name and namespace, but pasting in the source code will set them properly for it).

v 0.14
-updated the code to run on modern versions of Greasemonkey, with a more recent version of jQuery for the heavy lifting
-removed 'favor' feature because it's not clear what it's supposed to do and I don't care enough to figure out
-added a checkbox toggle to auto-mute all replurks
-changed code so that additions or deletions to the list take effect immediately, not on next refresh
-switched from a window timer to check for plurks to mute to a mutation observer to check, which means it only runs when new content is loaded.
-disabled the import/export button for now until I get it to actually work again.

This has been tested in Firefox 50.0 on both Linux and Windows, but no other browser combos. Please let me know if you find any weird issues or it just falls over or anything in the comments!


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