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Because we are now at T minus one month, and I haven't actually written anything about what I'm doing! I decided to try and focus on easier stuff for this year, particularly easier stuff I wouldn't melt into a puddle in. This somehow turned into 'kickass ladies plus Ieyasu' but I'm okay with that.

-Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men) - this is mostly a fix-up job on an older costume - turns out metallic spandex is really sensitive and prone to damage. I'm mostly done with the touch-ups, and hopefully I can finish the last little bits (recurling the wig, new sash pin) this weekend

-Yagen Toushirou-inspired bikini (Touken Ranbu) - because Labor Day in Atlanta calls for some poolside action. This one is done.

-Sharak Sanzo (Saiyuki) - I've wanted to cosplay her since she first showed up in the manga, and now that the new anime is airing, it seemed like a good time to finally do it. All the sewing is done, so I'm on to accessories, which are mostly simple aside from the sutra.

-Lup (The Adventure Zone) - soooo I haven't actually started this yet, but, uh, advantages of podcast as a medium? No canon character appearance! I do need to get started on this this weekend, though.

-The Brand (Saga) - Also not started, though this is mostly a bought cosplay, and is also the one most likely to get cut for time. We'll see.

-Ieyasu Tokugawa (Sengoku Basara) - Another touch-up costume. I've got most of the changes and fixes made, but I still need to remake the neck guard, having thrown the previous one together the day before the con.

Think I'm in pretty good shape over all, but we'll see.
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My name is Mikazuki Munechika. I’m one of the five great swords of Japan, and well, I’m also said to be the most beautiful.
I was born near the end of the 11th century. I guess you can say I’m an old man. Ha ha ha.

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Katsucon is less than a month away! Which means I'm into 'panic' territory, but to a significantly smaller degree than previous years, because I am doing a lot less than in previous years, and am already well on my way working on it. Two and a half new costumes - it was going to be three and a half, but it turned out someone else was already doing Impa for the Ocarina of Time group, so I shelved that for now. The two and half new ones are Katakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara, Gakuen Basara flavor; Homestuck AU of a cyberpunk AU of Hijikata Toshizo from Peacemaker Kurogane; and remaking some parts of Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu (which is the half - I have a wearable outfit for him already, it's just being made better). And it's been good to play around with a bunch of new techniques without the pressure of having SO MUCH stuff to do.

Kojuro is the simplest of these, because it's mostly pre-bought components. I'm doing some wig styling, too, but the real challenge will be make-up, because I'm still not much past 'generally passable' and I'd like to work on that more. Gotta do lots of practice...

Toshi has had the bulk of major new experimenting - mostly in the robot-arm, which I'm doing out of eva foam and thermoplastics, but I also had to reweft a wig to get the high ponytail, and this is what I was building my own screenprinting frame for. Lots of discussion on the arm to come, though not tonight. (and lest I forget, art is a commission from the fantastic [Bad username or site: roachpatrol @"])

Yasusada has some foamwork as well - I'm making a new chestplate, because the one I've been using is actually from a different costume, and is both too big and has the wrong details for this one. The other new stuff is actually going old-school - I'm remaking the arm-guards in sheepskin leather with gold leaf for the crests, and I'm experimenting with traditional Japanese stencil-dyeing techniques and indigo dye to remake the haori. Exciting, if slightly messy!

Each one of these things will probably get it's own post, because I can talk forever about this stuff *g* Hopefully with a bunch of photos, though my documenting is far from thorough
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A pile of screen printing for Ieyasu - just have the pants overlay and the back of the vest left to go! #cosplay #sengokubasara

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X-Factor belt insignia mold! Not actually the only thing I did today, but the only thing I managed to get a picture of. Other things that got worked on:

First layer of resin on Magneto’s helm

Put the collar on Illyana’s dress

Straightened + trimmed Illyana wig

Coat of wood filler on my worbla arm cuff

Got the X-details and cuff zippers onto ‘Star

BOUGHT THINGS ONLINE (lightsaber parts, teflon presser foot to do the topstitching on ‘Star nicely)

Tomorrow is MORE RESIN, the last bit of hand sewing on Illyana, and starting in on Aradia.
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My new preciousssss, along with proof that it will do what my mom’s sewing machine wouldn’t yesterday. Though to be fair to my mom’s machine, it’s from the 50s and thus potentially old enough to be a senior citizen. This one is a Janome DC2014, and I got to try it out in the shop and basically fall in love with all of it’s fancy little features. Three different buttonhole types. Decorative stitches! FANCY APPLIQUE STITCHES. It even came with a walking foot!

The amount I love it is probably good, because it’s pretty much the top of my price range (though less than the MSRP!). I’m considering it an investment.
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So I've been posting all my cosplay stuff to tumblr, which has a slightly wider audience for it, but would people be interested in me cross-posting my personal photos/WIP stuff/tutorials? I think I can jimmy IFTT into it.


Friday, 27 December 2013 23:54
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costume(s) you'd make if neither money nor issues of materials/technique were an obstacle? - [personal profile] akatonbo

Over ten days late, is anyone surprised I ever get anything done? I sure am. In my defense, [personal profile] akatonbo already knows the answer because it came up on the 30 days of cosplay meme I've been doing over on tumblr. The answer is... well, less grand than a lot of cosplayers, I think. Some of which is my willingness to tackle new things head-on, and some of it is... just not finding fancy designs/armor that really appeal to me? Clow Reed from Cardcaptor Sakura was my first cosplay, and ever since, I've wanted to redo it to do the outfit justice. I'm actually finally hitting a point where my skills are mostly there - I need to get better at embroidery, and I need to do research on 17th and 18th century Chinese garment construction, but the rest of the obstacles are monetary.

I also still sort of want to do one of the World of Warcraft Mage tier armor sets, but I can never decide which.
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So, Cos & Effect is kind of a tiny con here in Vancouver (where we now have three summer cons because of... a lot of stupidity). It's technically a costuming/alternative fashion con rather than an anime con, and I feel like this year they really set out to prove that - three guests of honor who are well known cosplayers (one of whom does costuming as a business), and the costuming designer for the last three Stargate series; amazing prizes for the costume contest; and a ton of costuming panels of all levels. I went to ten different panels over the last three days and enjoyed all of them, where I'm usually lucky to find one or two that look even vaguely appealing at a con.

One of the themes that seemed to resonate through a lot of the panels (and that I've also seen in some of the costuming community here on tumblr) is the idea of cosplaying for you. That it should be about you feeling comfortable (okay, except maybe the deliberate sacrifices we sometimes make in suffering for our art *g*), and good about yourself, and happy in your costume - not about arbitrary standards of comparison, or tearing each other down.

And for myself, I ended up thinking a lot about the idea of mastery and growing in skill as a costumer. I've been doing this for... at least ten years now, which is a really goddamn long time, and I've definitely learned a lot over that time, but I'm not at the level I'd like to be at, or the level I think I could be at. It's a problem with seeing the details as I progress, or in patience, maybe, and it crops up other places too - my writing and coding in particular stand out as things that suffer from it. Writing doesn't get finished, or doesn't get explored as thoroughly as an idea deserves. Code either has bugs someone else has to catch, or I get frustrated and give up.

They had a Costuming Guest Q&A panel, so I took the opportunity to ask, basically, 'what general advice would you give for moving from intermediate level cosplay to mastery?' And I felt like the answers were good, and all very true:

-practice, practice, practice
-have patience
-give yourself enough time
-...but set some deadlines, because they force you to innovate
-accept that sometimes you're going to have to start over

Definitely things for me to think about as I start in planning for Teslacon and next year. My particular mix of brain chemistry is probably playing in to some of these problems, too, but that's a different dimension to work on


Saturday, 21 July 2012 14:16
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I keep telling myself I should post more, but I have all these think-y thoughts that I'm having trouble coalescing into actual post form. And there's not much point in talking about real life because as anyone who follows my plurk knows it's like 60% 'I HATE MY JOB ARGH I NEED A NEW JOB LIFE SUCKS' which... well, it could be worse, but it could be a lot better too. But this job is $14/hr and has extended insurance so until something in my field actually calls me for an interview, I'm stuck with the frustrating job.

In between that, I have mostly been RPing and sewing. Current projects have been my steampunk outfits, which are coming along fairly well, and assorted bits and pieces of cosplay things. I did get my nice big order of four shades of purple dye for Tieria the other day, so drafting something out based on that may be my next project. I'm also kind of knitting again, though this means mostly picking at the Sock That Never Ends. I want to love sock knitting so much but it hasn't been working. Progress pics mostly get put on my plurk for the whole INSTANT GRATIFICATION thing but now that we have image hosting I may post here, too.

Design/dev-wise, I have totally managed to fall off my learn-to-code bandwagon. I think I'm having a problem where I'm sort of at an intermediate stage where a lot of the simple exercises that learn-to-code books/sites present bore me because they're too easy, but I'm still not ready to dive in DW's codebase because huge and very mature (or, as [staff profile] denise put it, 'our code base is old enough to have an account under COPA'). And I can't come up with a good intermediate project to do, which is what I need to learn.

I also haven't really had the creative energy for design - I think it's all being eaten by sewing right now. I did however dump some content into my cosplay site in hopes of motivating myself to finish it up, and I drafted up a layout design after about four hours of frustration:
cut for size, etc )
I'm not totally sold on the drop shadow effects - I'm not sure if they're too much or not. All the text will be actual text on the site, not graphics - I just wanted to add nav to the mock-up to see how it looked. The header image may also make a reappearance as a Heads Up theme :)


Tuesday, 22 May 2012 18:30
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I started documenting my cosplay stuff on Tumblr because of the ease of posting short posts and mixed media posts (text and pictures, for example). And then I started actually writing about costumes and costume-making and it basically turns into GIANT ESSAYS and then I think I am maybe missing the point of Tumblr.

(do I have a thousand-word draft of working with plastics saved to finish off at some point? Yes I do.)
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This was born out of a Skype conversation with [ profile] nique a few weeks ago (by way of the Dewey decimal system, incidentally). Basically - being a design nerd, I ended up going off on a long rant about how basically every cosplay community site (ie, places you can join rather than an individual or group's personal cosplay page) has the worst interface ever (or absurd arbitrary rules for joining, for the few I haven't tried), and are terrible at actually sharing information about costumes and process, which is ostensibly what they are about. And she replied that in the cosplay community nobody cares about process, so why would they bother? Which, honestly, is completely true, and kind of depressing.

longwinded rambling within )

Unfortunately, getting a community site off the ground is a lot of work, both in coding and in attracting enough users to make it a viable community. My smaller goal is to maybe code an easily deployable content management system (like the blogging software for your webserver. Hopefully someone other than me actually knows about those these days....) that would make adding costumes easy. You wouldn't be able to interlink things the way you could on a community website, but you could do everything else, and have skinning functions, too.

Of course, first I gotta learn Perl *g*
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So I made a cosplay tumblr so I can stop spamming the shit out of Plurk and my blog with WIP photos and ramblings and tutorial links. Is there any interest in me setting up a syndicated feed account for it on DW, for non-tumblr users?

State of the Me

Saturday, 21 January 2012 00:04
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Things I have been doing lately:

1) RP - which I plurk about all the time and nobody here cares about *g* Or if you do, well, ask. Three DW games, two tabletop, and looking at apping into two more DW games right now.

2) Dev type things - mostly on styles because apparently people complaining on anoncomm and plurk about DW having ugly base layouts is enough to gallivant me into action. I have one new layout submitted, and, uh, another three in various states of work. One header-image-friendly, one request from [personal profile] rising (I haven't forgotten, I swear!), and one port of a Smooth Sailing custom theme. And Tropospherical bugs. I have also become a conveyor of information between plurk and IRC apparently.

3) Trying to regain control of life - which you would think would be easier sans job, but somehow isn't. I am, however, slowly working cleaning into my routine, and I've been doing the job search dance again. Still not eating well and I think Effexor is giving me insomnia, though. So kind of a mixed bag.

4) Cosplay - what the rest of this entry will be about! Mostly because I have been working hard and have lots of picspam and thoughts and lists to share. Blame [ profile] nique - I think we enable each other on this. To wit - Juubei is on track for getting done next week sometime, I have Gin's ridiculous shirt more or less finished, and I put in a big shiny order of dye supplies tonight.

Mostly Getbackers with a small side of Gintama )

Cosplay WIPs

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 02:17
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Mostly reposting photos here for the dubious benefit of people who didn't witness them via plurk or my IRC spamming. Juubei's shirt is almost done - I ended up going with version 2, aka Useless Buckles, and, well, the Useless Buckles are about all that need to be done now. And some inside finishing. I also styled my wig for Gintoki, and a friend's wig for Sakura (the Getbackers one). Gin looks great, Sakura could use a little more volume but I'm not sure how to achieve that. I've also been working on Those Damned Bells to little success because epoxy is full of failure. Also, shopping for jingle bells when you have a migraine? Hell.

go go mediocre cellphone photos )
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So I started work on the Getbackers stuff, and by 'work' I mean going through scans and figuring out wtf is up with Juubei's outfit (he has two), painting a giant flag, researching formable clear plastic, and trying not to slice myself open on cheap coil springs. The first one of these brings me to the second part of my subject, which is: I need to decide which of the two shirts to make. And I am the least decisive person ever. You do not need to know canon, or even really costuming, just have Opinions XD My quick sketches of each shirt and notes under the cut. Along with a photo of the bigass Fuuga flag.

oooooh it's a cut~ )
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Oh hello. I kind of vanished there for a bit, didn't I? August was pure madness - new job, new game, two cons for which I did WAY TOO MUCH OF THE SEWING WORK FOR. Flakefriends are not getting free labor from me again after this year. I wasn't posting much because I think it would have just been like the work 'fuck' in h1 like three hundred times. It was rough going but the end result was pretty awesome.

Anime Evolution 2010
Kumoricon 2010

Kumoricon photos will be on my own gallery eventually - still trying to figure out a Gallery2 upload module for Linux that works, as the F-Spot one just....crashes F-Spot with no errors. AE was way too hot and I didn't do much con stuff, but I got in for free for helping with an event so it was fine anyway. Kumoricon was loads of fun, even if the drive was waaaay too long. But it was really awesome to meet some net people IRL.

Bought stuff at both the cons (of course) - two Bleach doujin and the Color Bleach English release at AE, and then at Kumoricon I bought a pile of Peacemaker Kurogane manga and....a sexy anime lady bodypillow. Mostly because it was the Major and she is awesome. Also she doesn't have the 'no means yes' face that most of those pillows have, though she does have Masamune Shirow's strange boob drawing habits.

Since getting home, I have mostly been getting caught up on gaming stuff and getting used to more hours at work, and trying to get the house cleaned up so it looks like humans live here. This involved a $180 ~IKEA adventure~ today, but I finally have space for all my books and don't have to store costumes in plastic bags on the floor. Still a long way to go, but it's a start!
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Because the rest of my life can be summed up as Book-Off is awesome, and I have spent way too much time playing Pokemon Diamond this week. So, first off, stuff I want to do I forgot to mention in my last post -

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Dawn: Because she's adorable and sometimes my inner twelve-year-old girly-girl needs to get out sometimes. I am not sure if I'm cute enough for this, but damnit, I will try anyway. This may involve Jon doing like...Empoleon gijinka, because I love my giant death penguin.

Tales of the Abyss: Jade Curtiss for me, Dist for Jon, because he does the creepy smile really well and is all gangly. Sadly, there is no good way to tote around a giant armchair at a con, but it'd be fun to be snarky all day.

I have also wound up volunteering to help other people with cosplay, some of it in return for favors. So I've got Toboe pants and wig to make, in return for a cute Elena and Sougyo no Kotowari (yesssssss I have teeny adorable zanpakuto. ONLY ONE, but one is cute enough). I'm also helping Yana and Charlene with their Loveless cosplay - Ritsuka and Soubi - because I like helping my friends be awesome.

And entirely unrelated to cosplay, but totally nerdy anyway - I am going to make myself a Minazuki backpack. It will be the epitome of ugly-cute, and it will be very fuzzy. I'm still trying to decide if it should be messanger bag style, or of those single-shoulder strap backpacks, with the wings as straps. I may have to do a muslin mock-up and decide. My one requirement is that it be big enough to hold my laptop.
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Finally! For those interested in browsing on their own, the main gallery starts here, Turks photoshoot stuff starts here, and Bleach stuff starts here.

Going to go ahead and embed some of my favs, too - just a warning that it'll be image-heavy. I know some of the resized versions are a little artifact-y, but the page links have the big version too.

Read more... )

Cosplay Notes

Thursday, 15 April 2010 03:04
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I've edited like 90% of my Sakuracon photos, but the internet is being fussy again (and I think 'fussy' is the best word here, really) so they won't go up until this weekend. I also prep-weeded most of my garden today, hooray!

Near-Future Stuff
(Don't want to say 'AE stuff' because I have more plans than there are days of the con)
-Shinra spruce-up - no shoe-failure, Elena wig that does not look like Lady Gaga reject, bonus Papa Shinra and Scarlet outfits. May need emergency Seattle day trip planning to engage in Dark Nation rescue mission (as it appears he did not make it all the way home with me, cry)
-Summoner Yuna spruce-up - Some little things on various pieces, making a new head for the staff, boots that don't pinch my toes, trim the wig down
-Bleach - ZANPAKUTO, making peasant shoes that don't destroy feet (and can survive damp - I made the mistake of putting the damp waraji in a plastic bag to pack and then forgetting about them and I discovered today that they were fuzzy :<). Possibly include new people in our mad Bleach cosplay adventures, but that's up in the air.
-Wonder Chef and Dark Chef - All new! I have Wonder Chef fabric and may go ahead and cut out the pants and vest this weekend. I look forward to building six foot tall forks
-Advent Children Rufus - Needs suit fabric so I can actually make the suit, Jellova

Far-Future Stuff/Brainstorming
-Integra - have fabric! Have no desire to try to make it for AE though because I'm a little burnt out on suits
-Braska and Auron - have been tossing the idea around with Jon for a while, because he'd make a cute young!Auron. Really intricate, though, so I'm not sure when I'll have the time for it.
-Nanoha something or other - Maybeeee? I love the character designs - would probably go for Hayate or Signum myself, but again, intricate.


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