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Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2017-08-04 04:36 pm
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Dragon*Con Cosplay Plans

Because we are now at T minus one month, and I haven't actually written anything about what I'm doing! I decided to try and focus on easier stuff for this year, particularly easier stuff I wouldn't melt into a puddle in. This somehow turned into 'kickass ladies plus Ieyasu' but I'm okay with that.

-Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men) - this is mostly a fix-up job on an older costume - turns out metallic spandex is really sensitive and prone to damage. I'm mostly done with the touch-ups, and hopefully I can finish the last little bits (recurling the wig, new sash pin) this weekend

-Yagen Toushirou-inspired bikini (Touken Ranbu) - because Labor Day in Atlanta calls for some poolside action. This one is done.

-Sharak Sanzo (Saiyuki) - I've wanted to cosplay her since she first showed up in the manga, and now that the new anime is airing, it seemed like a good time to finally do it. All the sewing is done, so I'm on to accessories, which are mostly simple aside from the sutra.

-Lup (The Adventure Zone) - soooo I haven't actually started this yet, but, uh, advantages of podcast as a medium? No canon character appearance! I do need to get started on this this weekend, though.

-The Brand (Saga) - Also not started, though this is mostly a bought cosplay, and is also the one most likely to get cut for time. We'll see.

-Ieyasu Tokugawa (Sengoku Basara) - Another touch-up costume. I've got most of the changes and fixes made, but I still need to remake the neck guard, having thrown the previous one together the day before the con.

Think I'm in pretty good shape over all, but we'll see.