Sunday, 8 January 2017

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Media: Andy and I started watching Natsume Yujincho in the the between season lull, because I finally heard enough second-hand buzz to be interested. It's very charming, even if the art style is a bit generic, and we'll definitely keep watching. I watched the first episode of Emerald City with my mom on Friday - it's got a gorgeous aesthetic and some interesting worldbuilding, though the storytelling seemed rushed. I'll keep with it for a few more episodes and hope that gets better. Also watched the first six episodes of Black Mirror which.... is good? But also kind of like reading a pile of fatalistic Wired articles at once.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's The View From The Cheap Seats during lunch at work, which has been excellent so far. I should probably read some at home, too, because it's super-overdue at the library, but once given free reign of the internet I end up frittering away my free time on other things.

Cosplay: Got my kimono for Yasusada properly hemmed, finally, and I made a trip out to Tandy Leather before work on Tuesday to take advantage of a really good sale they had on some garment leather, and to pick up some thinner veg-tan to redo my bracers out of. Monday night was spent making a terrific mess in the process of lifecasting my lower arms and hands so I can mold the bracers and thermoplastic on them easily. Turns out plaster of paris is a kind of too soft for this (I have managed to accidentally snap all the fingers off both of them), but they're good enough for now, and I have learned my lesson for next time.

Also put together a frame for my first homemade silkscreen, because it's way cheaper than buying prestretched screens. That was what the photo of the wood was from - I made a simple router jig to cut lap joins for the corners, but I didn't clamp it down well enough before routing the first end and it shifted. This afternoon was spent

DW: I've reached the clean-up stage of the /customize conversion, barring some new major problem making itself apparent. Hopefully it will be beta-ready by the end of the month? And then I can actually start working on the things I set out to fix to begin with, haha.
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From @sparrowdreams

copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in your
own. when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person that
tagged you….most importantly, have fun!

a / age - 28

b / biggest fear - That one of the people I care about is going to die in sudden, unanticipated freak circumstances.

c / current time - 12:37 EST

d / drink you had last - a cup of Republic of Tea’s HiCAF Toasted Coconut black tea

e / everyday starts with - A hot shower

f / favourite song - I have to pick just one? Let’s go with Vienna Teng’s ‘Level Up’

g / ghosts are real? - nah

h / hometown - Look, there are some things I don’t post publicly on the internet

i / in love with - hi-mi-tsu~

j / jealous of - people with good make-up skills

k / killed someone - nope

l / last time you cried - Teared up during the end of Arrival on Monday

m / middle name - It’s fairly uncommon, so again, not posting that publicly.

n / number of siblings - one

o / one wish - That the world becomes a more progressive place in the immediate future.

p / person you last called/texted - text my automated appointment reminder service to confirm

q / questions you’re always asked - How’s the dissertation?

r / reasons to smile - the sun is out and my cat is fluffy and adorable

s / song last sang - Mmm, something off the mix CD that’s currently in my car, though I don’t quite remember what track it was on last. KMFDM’s ‘Anarchy’, maybe?

t / time you woke up - 9:30ish

u / underwear color - decline to comment

v / vacation destination - Kyoto (hopefully)

w / worst habit - picking at my skin

x / xrays you have had - teeth, foot, lower back.

y / your favourite food - Most of them? I really can’t pick a single thing, though right now I haven’t had egg tarts or taiyaki in ages and I miss them terribly.

z / zodiac sign - Pisces

Too little brain to pick out a specific ten people, but if you want to do it, do it, and feel free to blame me.


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