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Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2016-07-23 10:31 am

Edge lace for my sleeves - I did this on my embroidery machine,...

Edge lace for my sleeves - I did this on my embroidery machine, on a poly organza with heavy wash-away stabilizer, and then cut the diamonds out and hand-sewed them on.

After much experimenting, the tricks to using metallic thread without it snapping are to keep tension super-low, let the thread spool out from far away (I have it in a mug about a foot away), and don’t make your stitches too dense.

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Ooo, embroidery machine? I have a vague interest in one for my hackerspace because of reasons.
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That might actually be sufficient for what I have in mind!

My goddaughter reblogged this really lovely thing consisting of several scraps of elastic held together by embroidered flowers, and I immediately saw potential for DIY with some embroidered flowers a little more thematically appropriate to the intended use of the garment. Only problem: it's highly unlikely that I'd find such flowers around for cheap-ish, which means it's time to see if the hackerspace needs an embroidery machine.