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Tuesday, 27 May 2014 18:47
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I have a post slowly coalescing in my head that can be summed up as 'how do I time management????' but it's still coalescing, so - a post on one of the things I would like to have better time management so I can do. As well as yay public accountability!

So the backstory, as nobody here has actually read all 12+ years of my blog back posts - I'm a weeaboo/otaku/vaguely derisive slang of your choosing. And I may as well own up to that because it's been thirteen years and at this point something unlikely to change soon, instead of just getting defensive about how I'm not like those fans (even if the number of 'get out of my fandom you're making us look bad' moments have been increasing as I get older).

Learning Japanese is one of those things that I've been interested in as long as I've been into anime fandoms, and has morphed from the sort of vague reasons of 'because Japan is cool!' to 'I would really like to read these series which are no longer being translated/being translated so slowly they're practically no longer being translated' (I see you there Viz), with a side helping of 'I'd really like to read Nagakura Shinpachi's memoirs' and given they haven't been translated in the sixteen years since their publication in Japan I'm not holding my breath on an English release.

The catalyst, though, is that my dad and I have been going 'we should go to Japan' for something like ten years now, and then a friend went this month and I sort of went 'YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING THIS THING' and e-mailed him and started looking at dates and places I want to visit, and I'd like to be able to read the placards at historical sites and stuff.

I've made a few aborted attempts in high school, encouraged by my parents, and a little in university, but the Japanese classes at UBC were basically impossible for non-majors to get into, and there was also sort of a period there where stuff was getting English releases so it wasn't as big of a problem. so it's been a bit since I've tried. I do have a little starting knowledge - mostly that I can still basically read hiragana, and sort of write it, and my pronunciation is less atrocious than the average beginner. And I know a very eclectic collection of words.

I've got a bunch of resources bookmarked, and TextFugu is one of them, which starts off with some questions to answer to get you in the right mindset, so I'm going to put them here.

Task: Answer the question: “Why Are You Learning Japanese?”
I want to be able to read comics, and some historical resources.

Task: Write down a list of “excuses” that might hold you back.
  • I don't have time.

  • I'm bad at learning languages.

  • I'm bad at memorization.

  • I'm a poor self-motivator.

  • I'm afraid of messing up in front of people who know the language.


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