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I could probably write a whole post on Thanksgiving and family and feels and all that, but I am prone to too much navelgazing, so I'll just say that I had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving, and am thankful for the friends I've made, here and elsewhere, for family, for opportunities and chances.

And, now that we are into Winter Holiday Of Your Choice Season - I don't think I'm going to be organized enough to do cookies or cards this year because my organization for getting physical things done is like, nil, so instead - digital presents! You may request any of the following:
-Custom layout/custom profile or CR code
-One of [ profile] spire's layouts to be ported as an official layout (with your choice of color theme, if you want something other than the default)
-an effort-minor DW bug (I'm willing to consider some effort-mediums, maybe). If you don't hang around the 'Zilla you can name a thing and I can tell you.
-some other digital thing you know I can do but I can't remember right now?


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