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Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2017-07-04 09:20 pm

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I have like three half-written entries that I started and then got distracted and did not finish, which I am... going to try to finish this week maybe? Two are about cosplay things and one is about Python. Work is work - customers are frequently frustrating, coworkers continue to be cool, on the whole things are pretty good aside from the long commute and some obnoxious health insurance stuff from our new corporate overlords (one of those 'we'll give you a discount if you submit blood test results, but because it's not mandatory we're not violating anything' deals). I had a four-day weekend, which I spent generally Getting Things Done, including a bunch of cosplay stuff and actually doing some work on Dreamwidth API 2.0. More on that later, maybe?

I am also super-behind on my reading list right now, though I may spend a little time tonight catching up.