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Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2016-02-28 07:53 am

Cosplay WIP - West Witch, Skirt PaintingI managed to take photos...

Cosplay WIP - West Witch, Skirt Painting

I managed to take photos really quick while I was working on stuff, but did not have time/energy to upload them before Katsu (or even right after Katsu, haha). The underskirt edges were airbrushed, because I make a lot of poor choices but I wasn’t going to let hand-painting 30 yard of hems be one of them. I made some stencils/masks out of plastic, spaced with little wire loops (so that I could spray in between them without the wire blocking off fabric). I used basting spray to hold them down on the fabric, because it cleans up with soap and water if things got gummy. It took a good eight to ten hours to do both the layers.

The top skirt was mostly freehanded - I made some attempts at stencils but they didn’t give me the quality I wanted, so I ended up making a basic template to trace the outline off of using tracing paper, and then sat with a brush and painted in all forty of them. I ended up using part of a Gutterman thread spool to stamp the circles, because my ability to freehand circles with a paintbrush is basically non-existant. This took another eight hours or so total (which explains why I didn’t get a bunch of other stuff finished in time)