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Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2013-07-26 02:17 pm
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Went down to Portland this week! We took the train because I did not want to drive, which wasn't too bad - free wifi, and train travel is a little less miserable then air travel. There were delays on our trip back, though most of them can be summed up as 'this is what happens when the government doesn't invest in rail infrastructure' so unlike the rest of our car I was more irritated by people complaining about the delay than I was by the delay. We went down to do touristy things, and also to meet up with the small DW contingent who were in town for OSCON, which was full of people I am always happy to see.

So I've finally been to Powell's, and we wandered around the city, and had good food, and I swear to god my next laptop is going to be an ultralight because backpack for three days = OW MY SHOULDERS. There was also hacking, and fandom discussion, and basically all the lovely things that make me feel welcome in the DW dev community.

On the code side of things, the new style search is at the point where data is being sent! And being sent back! And it's all horrible and mangled and doesn't actually do what I want, but now that it's doing something I can debug it. I realized this afternoon that this like my second or third Perl patch and ahahaha it's a whole new feature. A big feature too. Because I make excellent life choices like that. GO BIG OR GO HOME? I don't know. I get in these moods where I'm like 'I AM GOING TO DO THIS THING COME HELL OR HIGH WATER', like with the new comment pages. I've kind of been contemplating making a seperate dev journal just so I can put it on a resume and not be like 'here also have me feelings-dumping about superheroes'. Still waffling though because I've done all my work so far under this user name.

[personal profile] tamouse 2013-08-01 01:32 am (UTC)(link)

Seriously, these are the real learning opportunities, aren't they? Tiny patches do require reading and understanding the code, but the big stuff, new features, etc, require a lot more considering about what you want to do and all that. Good show, well done.

Ultralight laptop: *great* investment. I got so achy hauling my 15" mbp to and fro, when I got dumped from novu and had to give it back, I went out and got the 13". So much nicer for doing development work on on-the-go. (I looked at the air, and the asus zenbook, but given the prices and the tiny difference in weight (and retina on the mbp!) I just went for it. So nice, so carry-able.

The *other* thing is that I bought another sling pack. I'd been using a messenger bag, which puts all the weight on my side -- very bad news! A backpack for me doesn't quite work either somehow as it puts me off balance. The sling pack is just the thing for me.

Powell's: Mecca for Book Lovers! I was there in May, haven't been for years. I took a few steps in and just took a few deep in-takes of breath, smelling *all* the wondefulness of piles and piles of books. (Might be the ergot, tho...)