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Oh hello. I kind of vanished there for a bit, didn't I? August was pure madness - new job, new game, two cons for which I did WAY TOO MUCH OF THE SEWING WORK FOR. Flakefriends are not getting free labor from me again after this year. I wasn't posting much because I think it would have just been like the work 'fuck' in h1 like three hundred times. It was rough going but the end result was pretty awesome.

Anime Evolution 2010
Kumoricon 2010

Kumoricon photos will be on my own gallery eventually - still trying to figure out a Gallery2 upload module for Linux that works, as the F-Spot one just....crashes F-Spot with no errors. AE was way too hot and I didn't do much con stuff, but I got in for free for helping with an event so it was fine anyway. Kumoricon was loads of fun, even if the drive was waaaay too long. But it was really awesome to meet some net people IRL.

Bought stuff at both the cons (of course) - two Bleach doujin and the Color Bleach English release at AE, and then at Kumoricon I bought a pile of Peacemaker Kurogane manga and....a sexy anime lady bodypillow. Mostly because it was the Major and she is awesome. Also she doesn't have the 'no means yes' face that most of those pillows have, though she does have Masamune Shirow's strange boob drawing habits.

Since getting home, I have mostly been getting caught up on gaming stuff and getting used to more hours at work, and trying to get the house cleaned up so it looks like humans live here. This involved a $180 ~IKEA adventure~ today, but I finally have space for all my books and don't have to store costumes in plastic bags on the floor. Still a long way to go, but it's a start!
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Finally! For those interested in browsing on their own, the main gallery starts here, Turks photoshoot stuff starts here, and Bleach stuff starts here.

Going to go ahead and embed some of my favs, too - just a warning that it'll be image-heavy. I know some of the resized versions are a little artifact-y, but the page links have the big version too.

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Sunday, 28 March 2010 05:31
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Part of my brain is asking 'why is that I always want to just blog lots when I have tons of shit to do?', but I know the answer is that tons of shit to do = tons of shit to blog about. I have done ridiculous amounts of handsewing over the last few days, and somewhat amazingly actually have gotten most of it done. I think there's a few little bits on the suits, and I need to do the handsewing sections on the hakama, but that is all! I also ran out of suit-thread again. I think I may have passed the 1.5 km mark on 'amount of thread used', which means I have to not sleep in 'til five tomorrow like I did today (note for my purposes 'tomorrow' = 'the time after one REM sleep cycle from now') so I can go to Fabricland.

Jon and I also played more Tales of the Abyss, and while the game's hardcore railroading is getting old, I actually finally see why people like Luke. Hooray, character development. And Jade continues to be an amazing magnificent bastard :') I have a soft spot for that character type - although only when they're good guys. In out-and-out baddies it just annoys me (see: Aizen).

Only one progress photo for today - Kyouraku's pink monstrosity, which is very big, very pink, and I hope will look less like a bath robe when it's on top of kimono and the other haori.

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