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The topic I was supposed to post about on the 10th was Where would you like to see yourself in five or ten years? from [personal profile] wyldbutterflies. Better late than never I suppose? Which should probably be my life motto.

I've actually only been asked this question on an interview once, despite it being one of the ubiquitous 'interview questions'. I laughed and said 'A Canadian citizen, I hope.' That was three and a half years ago so technically there's still time for it to happen, I don't think it will. Five years from now - I'd like to finally have a job with some prospect of advancement, a job that's actually a career and not a series of entry-level manual labor jobs. I don't want to be living in my hometown - it has it's merits, here and there, but it's a city that's been stuck dead in the water for my entire lifetime, and it depresses me. Being home reminds me of being in high school, which was not a good period in my life mentally or emotionally. I'm trying to make the most of the benefits of it but it's not something I want to be permanent.

As for the physical 'where' of where I'd like to be - Boston, Vancouver, Seattle, maybe Portland. I love the Northwest cities and Boston equally but in different ways and for different reasons and it's a hard choice to have to make, even theoretically. Out of the Northwest, I'd like to live in Vancouver the most because if there was one thing I learned during university (which okay I learned a lot of things), it's that I am a big goddamn pinko commie socialist hippie. Which also means I don't really want to be American any more - I'm not proud of my country, and while there's always the hypothetical devil's advocate of 'but then why don't you stay and make it better!' - I don't have the energy for that, honestly. I don't have the energy for any real sort of major activism because I have my own shit to deal with.

...I think this is a long convoluted way of saying 'I'm not sure right now, but I hope somewhere good' *g* Long-term planning is not a strong point here. In ten years - hey, maybe if I'm lucky, I'll be working for Dreamwidth?

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Friday, 26 July 2013 14:17
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Went down to Portland this week! We took the train because I did not want to drive, which wasn't too bad - free wifi, and train travel is a little less miserable then air travel. There were delays on our trip back, though most of them can be summed up as 'this is what happens when the government doesn't invest in rail infrastructure' so unlike the rest of our car I was more irritated by people complaining about the delay than I was by the delay. We went down to do touristy things, and also to meet up with the small DW contingent who were in town for OSCON, which was full of people I am always happy to see.

So I've finally been to Powell's, and we wandered around the city, and had good food, and I swear to god my next laptop is going to be an ultralight because backpack for three days = OW MY SHOULDERS. There was also hacking, and fandom discussion, and basically all the lovely things that make me feel welcome in the DW dev community.

On the code side of things, the new style search is at the point where data is being sent! And being sent back! And it's all horrible and mangled and doesn't actually do what I want, but now that it's doing something I can debug it. I realized this afternoon that this like my second or third Perl patch and ahahaha it's a whole new feature. A big feature too. Because I make excellent life choices like that. GO BIG OR GO HOME? I don't know. I get in these moods where I'm like 'I AM GOING TO DO THIS THING COME HELL OR HIGH WATER', like with the new comment pages. I've kind of been contemplating making a seperate dev journal just so I can put it on a resume and not be like 'here also have me feelings-dumping about superheroes'. Still waffling though because I've done all my work so far under this user name.


Monday, 23 July 2012 01:11
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This kind of started with [ profile] unfuckyourhabitat and discussions of how adding one small new habit to your routine makes it easier to add others, but it kind of solidified talking to [ profile] pjf at YAPC, who is a deeply fascinating individual - the discussion we had can kind of be summed up in his wonderful OSCON keynote, which is on youtube here. Basically, my life is kind of a mess. There are things I should do but don't want to do, and things I want to do that I don't end up doing, and basically my life-system is Not Working. This is for a number of reasons:

1) I'm a very poor self-motivator. This is probably at least partially because of depression, though I think a lot of people have problems self-motivating. Basically I obey Newton's First Law of physics, and this is why I didn't got to over half my classes in my last semester of university.

2) Related to (1) - I'm poor at commitment. And occasionally afraid of it, because I have a very high fear of failure (again, see depression plus anxiety), and if you don't commit, you can't fail. But I'm also fantastic at abandoning projects midway through because motivation dried up.

3) I have an awful case of what [personal profile] synecdochic calls 'goldfish brain' (this is one of several reasons the terrified goldfish is my spirit animal). Basically it's an exciting combination of distractability and short-term memory failure that leads me to do things like almost put the butter away in the cutlery drawer, lose everything I don't keep consistently in the same spot, and forget important things I need to do unless I do them right now.

So! It seemed best to make a list of what I want to do before I figure out ways in which to overcome 1-3 and actually do it.

-Get a job in my field
-Get PR status in Canada
-Own a house

-Keep the house clean
-Keep up with my RP commitments
-Cook a greater variety of lunches for work
-Not lose things all the time

-Assorted planned knitting projects
-Assorted planned sewing projects
-Deal with the backlog of half-finished and abandoned projects
-Become reliable and skilled enough to make some extra income off my skills

-Learn Perl
-Learn Python
-Get my cosplay website out of alpha

-Learn pronunciation for French, Mandarin, and Cantonese (No interest in the language, but I don't like sounding like an idiot in front of my friends)
-Brush up on my Spanish (I blame comic books)
-Learn Japanese
-Learn Welsh or Irish

This, then, leads to the 'how to do this' portion. The long-term goals are somewhat nebulous, and I need to refine the steps necessary to reach them before I can set that up on any sort of tracker. I've been using Astrid as a possible to-do manager, as it syncs web and my phone, and has a random reminders, which is good for someone who forgets things that need doing. I am, however, open to to-do list managers, as Astrid doesn't have an open API, so no hooking it into other things. So far, that's mostly been for day-to-day stuff/one-off tasks - I can add when I think of it, and come back to it later. The CS stuff - I think for Perl, working on DW bugs may be a good start. For my website, it's honestly just buckling down and writing the damned content. Languages - I have access to some online learning systems through the library, and Anki seems like a good way of reviewing.

The next problem - the big problem - is keeping to the commitments to do things, instead of 'eh, later'. Like the recycling in my trunk I've meant to take to the depot all week. 'I'll do it tomorrow.'. For that, I'm tentatively considering Beeminder. Putting money up for stake is kind of scary (see fear of commitment) but at the same time, money is one of the few things that is sufficiently motivating. Why I skipped classes but I don't skip work.

This, of course, is all very rough-draft right now, and input on what's worked for others is more than welcome.


Saturday, 21 July 2012 14:16
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I keep telling myself I should post more, but I have all these think-y thoughts that I'm having trouble coalescing into actual post form. And there's not much point in talking about real life because as anyone who follows my plurk knows it's like 60% 'I HATE MY JOB ARGH I NEED A NEW JOB LIFE SUCKS' which... well, it could be worse, but it could be a lot better too. But this job is $14/hr and has extended insurance so until something in my field actually calls me for an interview, I'm stuck with the frustrating job.

In between that, I have mostly been RPing and sewing. Current projects have been my steampunk outfits, which are coming along fairly well, and assorted bits and pieces of cosplay things. I did get my nice big order of four shades of purple dye for Tieria the other day, so drafting something out based on that may be my next project. I'm also kind of knitting again, though this means mostly picking at the Sock That Never Ends. I want to love sock knitting so much but it hasn't been working. Progress pics mostly get put on my plurk for the whole INSTANT GRATIFICATION thing but now that we have image hosting I may post here, too.

Design/dev-wise, I have totally managed to fall off my learn-to-code bandwagon. I think I'm having a problem where I'm sort of at an intermediate stage where a lot of the simple exercises that learn-to-code books/sites present bore me because they're too easy, but I'm still not ready to dive in DW's codebase because huge and very mature (or, as [staff profile] denise put it, 'our code base is old enough to have an account under COPA'). And I can't come up with a good intermediate project to do, which is what I need to learn.

I also haven't really had the creative energy for design - I think it's all being eaten by sewing right now. I did however dump some content into my cosplay site in hopes of motivating myself to finish it up, and I drafted up a layout design after about four hours of frustration:
cut for size, etc )
I'm not totally sold on the drop shadow effects - I'm not sure if they're too much or not. All the text will be actual text on the site, not graphics - I just wanted to add nav to the mock-up to see how it looked. The header image may also make a reappearance as a Heads Up theme :)


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