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Because when I want to avoid homework, I research cosplay stuff! Pants are easy now that I've got a brand, care of the too-big pair (Propper International, and they're BDUs for those interested). The thigh holster is pretty easy, too, because it's nylon and an incredibly common style, so some ebay hunting should turn up a good deal.

The shoulder harness is harder - the closest I've find in new manufacture is Galco, which is 1) really expensive new 2) not totally accurate (much as we'd all like to believe that all of this is actually military-issue, there's bits here and there where I think the designers made shit up) - I may hunt ebay for that, or possibly do horribly indecent things to some cheap leather belts. He's got a double mag pouch on the right side which looks pretty much exactly like Galco's - the left is harder to tell, it looks like it may be a single horizontal mag pouch, but it's really unclear (I can pretty much only see it on the menu screen, with the Red 9 or semi-auto rifle equipped). I also have no idea where that cross-chest strap is coming from - I've never seen it anywhere else on shoulder holsters. It's also worth noting that the knife sheath isn't part of rig - it's held on with some heavy-duty black tape XD;

Gloves and belt and accesory bags I'm still investigating (watch, I'll make another post in half an hour with those, too), although I realized the other day I can totally re-use the gloves for Rufus (hooray one official art image). Gun-wise, if I opt to buy something new instead of using my cheap-ass dollar store one (it's as nice as some airsoft ones I've seen for three or four times the price), I'm going to go with the Blacktail, which the RE fanboys with too much free time inform me is a Springfield Armory XD-9, because I can use it for Ada, too.

I also need to cave and buy an actual binder - not just for Leon, but I've reached the point where I just can't do the ace bandage thing any more (there's a reason I did Virgil and mafia!Leon all Yaoicon), and Leon's the first new one I'm doing that needs binding. Underworks is looking like the best, but I'm going to investigate further. I may also cave and buy blue colored contacts, for Leon, Rufus, kind of Sephiroth (his are green, I know - I just need something lighter than brown).

Oh, any budding Leon cosplayers on the flist looking for a pair of pant? I'm trying to figure out what to do with the too-big pair - they're medium-short, so 31-35 waist and 26 1/2 - 29 1/2 inseam (which means if you're taller than 5'8", they'll be too short), and despite being used (as I got them at a thrift store) in great shape. Dark navy, poly/cotton ripstop. Too poor to give them away, sadly, but $15 plus shipping is a lot cheaper than anywhere else online.
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Managed to find awesome presents for four different people today, as well as the elusive black long-sleeved shirt I've been looking for for months now (AKA Asher-shirt). They were $10, so I bought two. New clothing quest - short-sleeved silver button-down to wear over Asher-shirt for club-type things. And because it would be awesome. I also managed to box all the cookies up, and they will be in the mail in the next couple of days. I think pretty much everybody I have an address for is getting something, save people I'll be seeing in person soon.

I also packed for my flight, which ended up being a bit of a nightmare, but it's done. I leave Logan at 5pm, get into Vancouver at 10pm and will probably take a cab home (luggage + bus + 11pm = NO). So this will be my last post before Canada, most like, unless Chicago has free wireless.

And fun fact of the day! Leon's jacket is really obviously a bomber jacket, but more specifically it's a B-3 bomber jacket, which I think was used during WWII, and Wiki tells me that most of the bomber crew other than the pilot wore them, usually. More importantly, though, there's about four or five places that do reproductions, which is nice, as I was previously informed that repros didn't exist and you _had_ to buy vintage.


EDIT: I lie, looks like it's actually a B-6. Which it seems that there may also be repros of avalible (the difference between it and the B-3 are small - one collar strap rather than two, and shoulder straps)

Fandom Love

Sunday, 29 January 2006 03:04
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You know you're probably really out of a fandom when reading fic for it feels both totally nostalgic and rather surreal - I think part of me is convinced that I dreamed Nukume Dori 10 or something. And AB 06 may end up being the first con in three years I'm not doing a Seishirou costume for, I think (in favor of RE4!Ada, who is utter sex).

Anyway, on the video-game front, I've finished both Leon scenarios in RE2, and Claire A (will probably do B when I finish RE3 - was gonna kill something if I did the RPD section for a fourth time in a row, though). I totally <3 RE2!Leon, with his burning idealism and occasional idiocy, and the world utterly fucking him over. I want to take him home and give him a hug or something. Although, uh, I kinda want to know what happened to his jeep. He just sorta...leaves it there. Someone is going to be pissed about that later. Claire is pretty awesome too, particularly when she kicks the heads off of zombies. Wonder what happens to Sherry at the end of the game - you don't really find out. Birkin wins the 'Craziest Mad Scientist Ever' award, though. He even beats out Hojo, because Hojo has many moments of snarky sanity in the game before he finally snaps, while Birkin is all 'My precious G-Virus! *pets*' and I go '...Dude, you're weird.'

As for RE3, I'm nearing the end - I think I can probably finish it tomorrow afternoon. Jill totally wins, particularly as she can dodge and doesn't need X to climb stairs (I think someone listening in to me playing RE2 would think I was really strange: "Climb the stairs, Leon! Climb them! ...Good Leon."). And Carlos amuses the hell out of me, particularly with the kind of fake sounding accent, although Mikhail's is worse - he kind of wanders between Russian and Irish. And Nemesis is really fucking annoying. Particularly because he shows up every ten minutes argh. I will sing and dance for joy when I finally kill him for good. Much like I did with Seymour Flux (actually, that was more jumping up and down screaming 'Yes! Yes!', but you get the idea).

I haven't had a chance to play much SE yet, as I keep fucking up the controls and when I went to see what I had them set to the first time through, I found Ben had taken my memory card, but I can tell I'm really going to love the style move. That teleport trick drove me crazy playing as Dante, and now it is mine, ahaha. Although Vergil doesn't do the pole trick that Dante does, which makes me sad. Because that was really amusing.

...Yeah, I have kinda become Capcom's cheap whore, haven't I.


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