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Monday, 26 July 2010 23:13
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Me: (Ukitake doesn't need kids, he has a magic sword instead :<)
Raven: you know what a field day freud would have with that? i mean seriously

Despite being sleep-deprived and tea-free (I left my mug on the counter) first day at the new job was good. The work is kind of dull, but I'm developing a system for it, and I have my own little nook in the back and can put on my own music, so it's pretty good. Cosplay is coming along well, which part of me thinks is code for 'totally won't be done in time for the con', just because lol my life is like that, but I'm going to try my best. Bits of Dawn so far look super-cute.

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 23:16
momijizukamori: An extremely excited super-deformed Dante from Devil May Cry 3. The text reads 'Booya!' (Dante | booya!)

Me: Also back to my asldkfj over the game, the other player is in fact quite good and I just like. Have this complex where either I must be THE BEST at something or clearly I suck entirely
Winter: well yeah, you're a perfectionist with an inferiority complex and an anxiety disorder
Winter: makes sense
Me: XD
Me: Yeah
Me: That is a very succint summation there XD

Me: Part of me wants someone to talk me into or out of this plan XD But you need sleep
Winter: mmmm what plan?
Me: The writing-an-app-for-the-game-with-the-intimidating-player plan
Me: (Okay to be fair I already wrote like...half of it)
Winter: ok, I was going to say I would say no unless you feel like torturing yoursef
Winter: but
Winter: if it's half done
Winter: show off!
Winter: and then everyone will be like "that's the app chickpersonthing!"
Winter: and you will get love.
Winter: and fanservice
Me: Attempt to get over my cripping fear of inferiority XD?
Winter: yeah.
Winter: because you can code
Winter: I know this
Winter: so go for it
Winter: seriously, nothing is more awesome than someone telling you how awesome you are
Winter: and they will do this for apps
Me: Only if it is an awesome app :<
Winter: well it will be
Winter: because you are awesome
Winter: it's like if you had a baby. It would have to be awesome by default and can only get better from there
Me: ...How many times have we used the word 'awesome' in the last two minutes
Winter: unless you shake it or kick it or write on it with a sharpie until it gets brain damage
Me: (I almost wrote 'in the last two awesomes' what)
Winter: an AWESOME number of times
(11:08:01 PM) momijizukamori: Clearly that was the correct answer
Winter: (lulz)
Winter: clearly the awesome answer
Winter: Oh God, what is my problem XD;
Me: Your problem is sleep-dep XD
Me: go to bed
Winter: oh yeah
Winter: Do the app! And remember what I said about your default baby
Winter: just don't sharpie it to death
Me: fffffff
Me: I'll do my best


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