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I have a big favor to ask - I've finished most of my rewrite of the /customize pages, but I'm frankly awful at testing, and this is a lot of code changes, so I really want to get at least some dev-side testing in before this makes it to being a beta on live. What to do:

1) Go to and register an account
2) Play around with settings on the various pages. These are:
- (probably fine)
- (probably fine)
3) Let me know here what you find here! Any bugs that need fixing/weird behavior, or if you poke around and don't find anything odd!

Some things to know ahead of time:
-Stuff will be slow to load - this is a development environment, so it's low-spec and doesn't have caching or anything
-Layouts in the non-free repo are currently not working because of changes unrelated to mine. This affects Sunday Morning and Transmogrified, and a handful of themes on Bannering, Colorside, Modish, Modular, and Practicality. You will get an error that says ' undef error - Layout layer for this user layer not found. at /dreamhack/home/8267-momiji/dw/cgi-bin/LJ/ line 377' if you apply one of these and try to reload, and you'll have to go to and pick a different style to use.
-As this is a dev environment, accounts/posts/etc may be wiped without notice at some point in the future.

Feel free to share this around, and if you give me feedback, I will convert an LJ custom CSS style of your choice to run on DW if you'd like!
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So, Cos & Effect is kind of a tiny con here in Vancouver (where we now have three summer cons because of... a lot of stupidity). It's technically a costuming/alternative fashion con rather than an anime con, and I feel like this year they really set out to prove that - three guests of honor who are well known cosplayers (one of whom does costuming as a business), and the costuming designer for the last three Stargate series; amazing prizes for the costume contest; and a ton of costuming panels of all levels. I went to ten different panels over the last three days and enjoyed all of them, where I'm usually lucky to find one or two that look even vaguely appealing at a con.

One of the themes that seemed to resonate through a lot of the panels (and that I've also seen in some of the costuming community here on tumblr) is the idea of cosplaying for you. That it should be about you feeling comfortable (okay, except maybe the deliberate sacrifices we sometimes make in suffering for our art *g*), and good about yourself, and happy in your costume - not about arbitrary standards of comparison, or tearing each other down.

And for myself, I ended up thinking a lot about the idea of mastery and growing in skill as a costumer. I've been doing this for... at least ten years now, which is a really goddamn long time, and I've definitely learned a lot over that time, but I'm not at the level I'd like to be at, or the level I think I could be at. It's a problem with seeing the details as I progress, or in patience, maybe, and it crops up other places too - my writing and coding in particular stand out as things that suffer from it. Writing doesn't get finished, or doesn't get explored as thoroughly as an idea deserves. Code either has bugs someone else has to catch, or I get frustrated and give up.

They had a Costuming Guest Q&A panel, so I took the opportunity to ask, basically, 'what general advice would you give for moving from intermediate level cosplay to mastery?' And I felt like the answers were good, and all very true:

-practice, practice, practice
-have patience
-give yourself enough time
-...but set some deadlines, because they force you to innovate
-accept that sometimes you're going to have to start over

Definitely things for me to think about as I start in planning for Teslacon and next year. My particular mix of brain chemistry is probably playing in to some of these problems, too, but that's a different dimension to work on

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Friday, 26 July 2013 14:17
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Went down to Portland this week! We took the train because I did not want to drive, which wasn't too bad - free wifi, and train travel is a little less miserable then air travel. There were delays on our trip back, though most of them can be summed up as 'this is what happens when the government doesn't invest in rail infrastructure' so unlike the rest of our car I was more irritated by people complaining about the delay than I was by the delay. We went down to do touristy things, and also to meet up with the small DW contingent who were in town for OSCON, which was full of people I am always happy to see.

So I've finally been to Powell's, and we wandered around the city, and had good food, and I swear to god my next laptop is going to be an ultralight because backpack for three days = OW MY SHOULDERS. There was also hacking, and fandom discussion, and basically all the lovely things that make me feel welcome in the DW dev community.

On the code side of things, the new style search is at the point where data is being sent! And being sent back! And it's all horrible and mangled and doesn't actually do what I want, but now that it's doing something I can debug it. I realized this afternoon that this like my second or third Perl patch and ahahaha it's a whole new feature. A big feature too. Because I make excellent life choices like that. GO BIG OR GO HOME? I don't know. I get in these moods where I'm like 'I AM GOING TO DO THIS THING COME HELL OR HIGH WATER', like with the new comment pages. I've kind of been contemplating making a seperate dev journal just so I can put it on a resume and not be like 'here also have me feelings-dumping about superheroes'. Still waffling though because I've done all my work so far under this user name.
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- Go to do some theme color conflict bugs - easy, right?
- Check first bug. Discover you not only made a stupid link color choice for the layout listed in the bug, you did it in both ports of the same color theme.
- Fix all of them. Discover doing so has revealed a new color conflict bug due to not enough layout properties.
- File new bug for adding layout properties
- Go to fix second color conflict
- Discover this also reveals the same 'not enough properties so layout uses bad fallbacks' bug
- Contemplate banging head against wall for making this mistake in two layout patches
- File bug for this too, and make a new branch to start working on it.
- Realize that you actually need to add three new sets of link props
- Contemplate banging head against wall again.
- Get started, swearing that once you get the props put in at least you will read some more Birds of Prey and then go to bed.

I swear, I don't know why I am allowed to code sometimes.


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