momijizukamori: Gwendal from Kyo Kara Maou, looking grumpy. The text reads '...Don't make me stab you with my knitting needles' (Gwendal | knitting)
Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2017-04-14 08:01 am

April is a busy month

A short list of things that have been happening, some of which may get more elaboration later:

-Anime Boston, where I ran the Cosplay Repair Station and did not get nearly enough sleep, but had a good time anyway.

-We held Hackathon 10 and 5/7ths at work - I got pulled in to be on the decor committee (because an event run by a Burning Man regular does not do things by half-measures), and frankly it looked awesome. I will definitely be posting some photos of that, because I was so happy with it (and am still sad we had to return the office kitchen to just a kitchen)

-Python. So much Python.

-Whatever we're calling this most recent mass-exodus from LJ. I may actually finally turn off crossposting and go back and lock my entries there (not deleting, though, because I'd rather keep control of the username)

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