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Cocoa ([personal profile] momijizukamori) wrote2017-01-23 10:44 pm
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Theme of Katsucon 2017: try new stuff, but not too much

Katsucon is less than a month away! Which means I'm into 'panic' territory, but to a significantly smaller degree than previous years, because I am doing a lot less than in previous years, and am already well on my way working on it. Two and a half new costumes - it was going to be three and a half, but it turned out someone else was already doing Impa for the Ocarina of Time group, so I shelved that for now. The two and half new ones are Katakura Kojuro from Sengoku Basara, Gakuen Basara flavor; Homestuck AU of a cyberpunk AU of Hijikata Toshizo from Peacemaker Kurogane; and remaking some parts of Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu (which is the half - I have a wearable outfit for him already, it's just being made better). And it's been good to play around with a bunch of new techniques without the pressure of having SO MUCH stuff to do.

Kojuro is the simplest of these, because it's mostly pre-bought components. I'm doing some wig styling, too, but the real challenge will be make-up, because I'm still not much past 'generally passable' and I'd like to work on that more. Gotta do lots of practice...

Toshi has had the bulk of major new experimenting - mostly in the robot-arm, which I'm doing out of eva foam and thermoplastics, but I also had to reweft a wig to get the high ponytail, and this is what I was building my own screenprinting frame for. Lots of discussion on the arm to come, though not tonight. (and lest I forget, art is a commission from the fantastic [Bad username or site: roachpatrol @"])

Yasusada has some foamwork as well - I'm making a new chestplate, because the one I've been using is actually from a different costume, and is both too big and has the wrong details for this one. The other new stuff is actually going old-school - I'm remaking the arm-guards in sheepskin leather with gold leaf for the crests, and I'm experimenting with traditional Japanese stencil-dyeing techniques and indigo dye to remake the haori. Exciting, if slightly messy!

Each one of these things will probably get it's own post, because I can talk forever about this stuff *g* Hopefully with a bunch of photos, though my documenting is far from thorough
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Sounds busy, and very excellent.