Saturday, 27 May 2017

momijizukamori: (Tax Season // Evil!Tatsumi)
- Put together a bookcase frame (which I cut out on the Shopbot last night)
- Mounted one of my two drawers for comics - the second one needed a side glued on after I sanded down the edge so it'd fit, and that is drying now. Hopefully I can hang it tomorrow
- Threw together the first half of a blouse for an ILD meet next weekend.
- Spent an hour and a half trying to work out hacks to run Python web apps on a shared host
- Gave up and signed up for the cheapest unmanaged VPS service I could find, on which I am now learning to Apache all by myself.

Links and photos of all these things at some point, hopefully. And then maybe I'll have time to work on some Dreamwidth stuff before the DragonCon cosplay chaos begins?


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